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ACCUPLACER Written Essay
Online Course

Our online program contains the information you need to pass the Written Essay section of the ACCUPLACER.

The program is divided into three areas:

  • Introduction to ACCUPLACER Written Essay
  • Written Essay Instruction
  • Practice Writing an Essay

Writing an acceptable essay is important because your college will place you in courses based on its quality. Considerable time and money can be saved by skipping remedial courses.

Topics Studied in the Course:

Your ACCUPLACER score will be based on your ability to express, organize, and support your opinions and ideas, not the position you take on the essay topic.

You will learn and practice writing an essay with the following five characteristics:

  • Focus
    • The clarity with which you maintain your main idea or point of view
  • Organization
    • The clarity with which you structure your response and present a logical sequence of ideas
  • Development and Support
    • The extent to which you elaborate on your ideas and the extent to which you present supporting details
  • Sentence Structure
    • The effectiveness of your sentence structure
  • Mechanical Conventions
    • The extent to which your writing is free of errors in usage and mechanics

The program concludes with the opportunity to write a sample essay, send it for evaluation, and receive a reply with helpful feedback.

Course Format:

  • Online
  • Login to course area

Course Duration:

  • Self-paced
  • No set class times
  • 24/7 online access to course materials
  • 12 months access

Course Fees:

  • $19.95
  • No tax or shipping

Who Should Take This Course:

  • Prospective college students who want to skip remedial writing courses
  • Students who want to take college level courses that count toward a degree or certificate
  • Students who want to save hundreds of dollars in textbooks and course fees

Why Use Our Course:

  • Our refresher course covers every tested competency in Written Essay found on the ACCUPLACER
  • 4 full-length practice tests in Written Essay all modeled on the test objectives presented on the Official ACCUPLACER Web Site
  • A results page for each practice test shows scores, items missed, and offers an opportunity to revisit any item to see how it can be correctly completed
  • Students are continuously informed of weaknesses/strengths. Areas of weakness are accompanied by specific comments and suggestions for improvement
  • Meets current ACCUPLACER Test Specifications
  • We provide free telephone and email support

Accuplacer Practice Test Guarantee

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% impressed and satisfied with any of our courses, simply contact us within 7 days of purchase and WE WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY, no questions asked!

Please note that because our refund policy has been abused in the past, refunds are only available to students who have completed no more than one practice test.

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